Korea eSIM for Tourists The Ultimate Guide

Korea eSIM for Tourists The Ultimate Guide

Korea is an amazing travel destination with so much to see and do, from bustling modern cities like Seoul and Busan, to beautiful natural landscapes dotted with centuries-old temples and palaces. Having internet access during your trip is crucial to make the most of your time, whether it’s for using maps, ridesharing, translations, restaurant bookings or keeping in touch with your loved ones back home.

Getting a Korea eSIM is the most convenient way for tourists to stay connected during their trip. Here is a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about getting a Korea tourist eSIM.

What is an eSIM and how does it work?

Korea eSIM for Tourists The Ultimate Guide

An eSIM or embedded SIM is a digital SIM that is embedded into your phone or device. Unlike regular physical nano-SIM cards, eSIMs don’t require you to insert any card into your device.

eSIMs allow you to activate a cellular or data plan remotely, through an activation code provided by your eSIM provider. This code configures your device to connect to the local mobile networks.

The major benefits of using an eSIM include:

  • No need to obtain a physical SIM card in each country.
  • Ability to switch between plans and providers easily.
  • Use mobile data in multiple countries without swapping SIMs.
  • Dual SIM functionality – use your regular SIM and an eSIM simultaneously.
  • More secure and resilient. eSIMs cannot be lost or stolen.

Most newer smartphone models support eSIM capability, including iPhones XS and above and many Android models. Some providers may also provide you with an eSIM compatible device if your phone doesn’t support eSIM.

Why get a Korea tourist eSIM?

Here are some excellent reasons to get an eSIM for your trip to Korea:

1. Avoid roaming charges

Using your home SIM card in Korea can be very expensive due to high roaming rates. A local Korea eSIM helps you avoid exorbitant roaming fees.

2. Stay connected throughout your trip

A Korea eSIM provides you with unlimited mobile data to stay connected throughout your entire trip to Korea. You can use Google Maps to navigate, book tours or restaurants on the fly, use ride sharing services and translate menus or signs.

3. Enjoy dual SIM functionality

You can use your regular SIM for calls/texts and the Korea eSIM for data. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of dual SIMs and separate personal and work use.

4. Use travel extras and discounts

Many eSIM providers offer travel benefits on top of the mobile data. This includes travel insurance, local discounts on tours attractions, roaming in other Asian countries etc.

5. Convenience

eSIMs are super convenient to set up on the fly vs procuring a physical SIM in-country. Most eSIMs can be purchased online and set up within minutes.

Choosing a Korea Tourist eSIM Provider

There are several eSIM providers catering to travelers in Korea. Here are some of the best options:


The best eSIM services in South Korea start with eSIMKR, which offers affordable pricing based on the amount of data you need and provides various package options. If you want 2GB or 1GB per day, Japan Wireless has plans that cater to your data requirements. Additionally, you can choose between a 7-day or a 30-day plan. They also offer customer service in English. With eSIMKR, you can enjoy cost-effective eSIM connectivity designed specifically for your desired data allowance and travel duration, guaranteeing a smooth experience in South Korea.

eSIMKRs lineup:


1GB / Day for
7 days
2GB / Day for
7 days
1GB / Day for
30 days
2GB / Day for
30 days
$ 11.5
$ 19.0
$ 44.5
$ 76.5
One time fee One time fee One time fee One time fee
1 GB / Day 2 GB / Day 1 GB / Day 2 GB / Day
7 days 7 days 30 days 30 days




Airalo is globally the most popular eSIM provider for travelers. Their Korea eSIM provides 6GB high-speed data over 14 days for $30. You can use the data anywhere in Korea including cities like Seoul, Busan, Jeju etc.

Airalo’s coverage uses the KT Telecom network which has excellent connectivity across Korea. Some key benefits include free incoming calls, mobile app web support and multi-country eSIMs for elsewhere in Asia.


If you’re searching for a prepaid eSim for South Korea, this provider offers excellent plans and aims to be the top choice in the market. I’m confident that you’ll enjoy Gigago just as much as I do. I discovered them recently and have been recommending them ever since. What I like about their South Korea eSims for travel is that they all have a duration of 30 days, ensuring you can utilize your data regardless of the length of your trip.

Here are their plans in South Korea:

Korea full price list is here https://gigago.com/esim/korea/

Furthermore, their data plan of 1GB per day is an excellent option. Furthermore, Gigago ensures that they collaborate with leading mobile networks in every country, rather than compromising on quality to appear cost-effective. In this instance, Gigago utilizes SK Telecom on the 4G/LTE network. Additionally, unlike most eSIM providers, you have the freedom to use your phone as a hotspot with Gigago.



Holafly is a fast growing eSIM provider focused on Asian destinations. Their Korea eSIM comes with a 14-day 5GB data plan for $25.

The Holafly Korea eSIM uses SK Telecom which has wide coverage. Apart from domestic Korean use, it also provides 100MB daily roaming in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and Singapore.



Gigsky is a Silicon Valley startup providing global eSIMs, including a Korea option. Their tourist eSIM for Korea provides 5GB over 15 days for $25.

GigSky uses the KT Telecom and SK Telecom networks in Korea for reliable connectivity. Some cool features include free incoming texts, app email support and roaming in 170+ countries.



Nomad is a popular ‘digital nomad’ brand that offers both WiFi hotspots and eSIMs. Their 5GB Korea eSIM is ideal for shorter 5 day trips, priced at $15.

Nomad uses SK Telecom’s network, which has excellent coverage even in remote areas and on islands like Jeju. You can buy add-on data if you exceed the 5GB limit.



KnowRoaming specializes in global eSIMs with coverage in 200+ countries. Their Korea eSIM provides a starter 2GB data pack over 7 days for $15, with top-up options.

The KnowRoaming eSIM uses the SK Telecom network in Korea. Their app allows you to manage your eSIM and extend validity or data if needed.

Getting Setup with a Korea eSIM

Getting your Korea tourist eSIM is very easy and convenient:

  1. Choose a Provider – Review and select an eSIM provider that best meets your needs and travel plans.
  1. Buy Online – Purchase your Korea eSIM plan online through the provider’s website or app. Payment can be done via credit card.
  1. Activate eSIM – Activate your eSIM by scanning or entering the QR code provided at checkout. This configures your device to connect with the Korean network.
  1. Connect Use – Turn on mobile data on your phone to start using your Korea eSIM! You can also download the provider’s app for account management.

Using Dual SIM Devices

If you have a dual SIM phone, you can use your regular SIM alongside the Korea eSIM:

  • Use your regular SIM for calls and texts in your home country.
  • Use the Korea eSIM for Korean mobile data.
  • Juggle both SIMs in the SIM slots/tray.
  • On iPhone, you can enable Dual SIM mode in Settings. Android dual SIM configuration varies by model.

This way you can separate personal and travel use easily!

Travelling Across Asia

If you are travelling to multiple countries in Asia, choose an eSIM provider like Airalo or Holafly that offers multi-country plans:

  • Airalo has an ‘Asia eSIM’ with data in Korea, Japan, Taiwan etc.
  • Holafly has roaming options in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc.
  • GigSky allows roaming in India, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

A single eSIM works across many Asian countries, saving you hassle!

Using Your Korea eSIM

Once setup, you can use your Korea eSIM for all your connectivity needs:

  • Google Maps – Navigate the subway, find places and avoid getting lost!
  • Translation – Translate signs, menus and conversations via apps.
  • Ride sharing – Book taxis or Grab/KakaoT rides.
  • Restaurant booking – Reserve tables via apps.
  • Travel research – Look up reviews, blogs and videos on the fly.
  • Social media – Post travel photos and stay in touch with friends.
  • Work/email – Stay connected to the office if required.
  • emergencies – Reach local emergency contacts.

Key Takeaways

In summary, here are the key points about getting a tourist eSIM in Korea:

  • eSIMs provide easy, convenient mobile data connectivity.
  • Popular Korea eSIM providers include Airalo, Holafly, GigSky, Nomad and KnowRoaming.
  • eSIMs help you avoid roaming fees and stay connected across Korea.
  • Plans are affordable, starting around $15 for 5GB data.
  • Activation is quick and convenient with online QR codes.
  • Dual SIM devices can use local eSIM alongside home SIM.
  • eSIMs allow using maps, translations, bookings and more on the go.

So avoid connectivity hassles and pick up a Korea eSIM for a smooth, stress-free trip! Feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions. Have an amazing time in Korea!